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IEEE Elections'2018

Alexander D. Gelman., Ph.D. 

Candidate for Division III Director (2020-2021)

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities 

In over 36 years of IEEE volunteer activities I progressed from a line volunteer organizing technical sessions at conferences and editing Feature Topics and Special Issues in publications to chairing ComSoc Technical Committee, to ComSoc and IEEE-SA governance serving on various IEEE, ComSoc and IEEE-SA committees, to serving on IEEE-SA and ComSoc Boards of Governors, including three ComSoc directorships, one term as CIO, and four terms as ComSoc Vice-President.

My range of IEEE activities spans:


·         Served as guest-editor of several Feature Topic issues of the Communications Magazine and special issues of JSAC

·         Served on the founding steering committee for IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

·         Initiated the ComMag Communications Standards Supplement

·         Initiated the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine and presently serve on its inaugural steering committee.



·         Served as Organizing Committees chair and vice-chair, on TPCs for several ComSoc portfolio conferences

·         Served on founding Steering Committee for IEEE-ICME, IEEE-SmartGridCom, IEEE-CSCN

·         Initiated and co-founded IEEE-CCNC

·         Helped to acquire four conferences: IEEE-BlackSeaCom, IEEE-P2P Computing, IEEE-SIIT, IEEE-ISPLC

·         Presently serve on IEEE Conferences Committee.


Standards Activities:

·         Initiated ComSoc Standards Board and served two terms as ComSoc Director of Standards

·         Architected ComSoc Standards Activities Council and was elected first ComSoc’s Vice President-Standards Activities

·         Served on IEEE-SA Board of Governors and several terms on IEEE-SA Standards Board and its committees

·         Initiated and guided the Smart Grid Vision project sponsored by IEEE-SA and implemented in partnership with 5 Technical Societies

·         Chaired the 2008 TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Standards

·         Served 3 terms as IEEE-TAB representative to IEEE-SA Standards Board

·         Presently serve as Vice Chair of the TAB Committee on Standards.



I received ComSoc Multimedia Technical Committee’s Distinguished Service Award, ComSoc Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award, and IEEE-SA Standards Medallion. On my watch, while serving as ComSoc Director of Standards, ComSoc received the IEEE-SA Corporate Standards Sponsor Award.

"Alexander D. Gelman" <adg@ieee.org>