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Alexander D. Gelman., Ph.D. 

Candidate for Division III Director (2020-2021)

Position Statement


I am honored to be nominated as Division III Director.  The heart of Division III is its volunteers from every corner of the globe.  It is critical for IEEE to enable these volunteers to innovate and exercise entrepreneurship in launching and maintaining new IEEE products and services in every region.

IEEE services to conferences, publications, and other activities need to be competitive and cost-effective. They should be developed with volunteers’ input and respond to volunteers’ needs. If elected I will improve volunteers’ visibility into the development and operations of IEEE services that are critical to volunteer activities.  

Communications and networking are fast developing areas that should be supported by new IEEE initiatives in next generation technologies.  This will enable proactive discovery of new opportunities in conferences, publications, training, standards and other areas. These initiatives should be driven by the goal of identifying new IEEE products and maximizing the Return on Investment to Technical Societies and their volunteers.

If elected, I will work with TAB and BoD to achieve this goal.

"Alexander D. Gelman" <adg@ieee.org>