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 IEEE Activities

Alexander D. Gelman., Ph.D. 

Candidate for Division III Director (2018-2019)

Position Statement

It is critical for IEEE to enable volunteer communities to innovate and exercise volunteer entrepreneurship and to utilize volunteer productivity in producing new IEEE products and services. IEEE leadership and staff partners must cooperate in creation of a proper ecosystem where volunteer innovation can flourish.

IEEE-wide initiatives in emerging technologies represent an effective mechanism for proactive discovery of new opportunities in conferences, publications, training, and standards. The Initiatives invest in industry-academia team-work including white papers and technology vision publications, pre-standardization research, operating virtual labs, testbeds, etc. Team-work that produces actual Intellectual Property and proactively discovers standardization and business opportunities is a new phenomenon for IEEE and requires proper governance policies to help volunteers in these activities.

If elected I will work with TAB, IEEE-SA and BoD on policies for support of creative team-work that will help to improve the IEEE initiatives’ return on investment.

I will work on improving attractiveness of IEEE initiatives to IEEE and Technical Society members, on ensuring support for inclusive participation of able and willing volunteers from industry and academia globally.


"Alexander D. Gelman" <adg@ieee.org>